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Article: A Closer Look at the Thobe for Men

A Closer Look at the Thobe for Men

A Thobe, also known as a jubbah/thawb is a long garment, traditionally with long sleeves for men. It is particularly common for men amongst the Middle East to adorn themselves in thobes as part of their everyday wear. The purpose of the thobe is to correctly conceal a man’s awrah (from the navel to the knees). However many men wear it as a sign of piety, to beautify oneself or as a representation of culture.

As thobes are most popular in the Middle East, they are traditionally made from white cotton. This is so that the white fabric reflects the sun's rays, which results in aiding to keep the body cool in the scorching sun. Men in the Middle East also wore loose-fitting thobes for prayer and many other occasions such as weddings and religious celebrations.

In today’s society, men from all over the world choose to wear the thobe, not only as a symbol of their faith, but also due to its comfort and practicality.

A thobe is one of the most important and useful investments that you can make as part of your wardrobe. Thobes are completely versatile and one thobe can be suitable for all occasions, all seasons and all needs. The classic white coloured thobe is the ultimate wardrobe staple. It is what you need to purchase if you are looking to begin your modest wardrobe as a man.

Choose from our range of Omani thobes for an everyday effortless outfit. They are super practical and comfortable. The lightweight materials makes these thobes durable and perfect for daily use.

Thobe for Men

Browse our latest range of premium collared thobes for a more formal look. The fabric falls well to allow for ample room whilst looking structured. Shop from our range of staple colours to best suit your liking.

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