Best Online Destination of Modest Islamic Clothing for Women & Men

Welcome to HAWAA Clothing UK, where you can get stylish, colourful, and tasteful Islamic clothing. Find contemporary Islamic attire, including modest dresses, thobes, jilbabs, abayas, hijabs, jewellery, gifts, and the newest trends in hijabs. We believe that when you spend money on better Islamic attire, you must be able to use it for periods of work, pleasure, and daily living. We take great satisfaction in offering stylish, contemporary, and comfortable Islamic clothing.

Our objective is to bring to light and awareness how modest, Islamic clothing can be worn daily and that it's not something worn in Muslim countries. The designs and fashions made available at HAWAA Clothing UK is quality, and is ready to ship to different countries like United Kingdom, United States, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Austria, etc.

Everyone is free to dress whatever they like, as long as it is appropriate and does not copy the fashions of the transgressors. For individuals who choose to decorate themselves with such apparel, we aspire to increase accessibility to Islamic dress.

We only provide the greatest, most luxurious Islamic clothing including both men and women, in the richest colours, styles, materials, and patterns. Since our rates are reasonable for all income levels, everyone can afford the Islamic clothing and accessories we provide.

Bringing attention to humble Islamic clothing for men, and women like Classic Abaya, Jewellery, Open Abaya, Wide Sleeve Abaya, Abaya Sets, Hijabs, Jilbab, Butterfly Abaya, Thobe, Maxi Dress, etc. in all styles and colours is our goal with this business. In order to provide the people with appropriate, elegant, and accessible Islamic apparel, we provide best designs that are most popular in the Islamic world. There is a great deal of work that goes into each design that HAWAA Clothing UK showcases on the website.

Each item of clothing is examined as part of our product testing procedure. To sell these items, we pack and send them worldwide. Muslim attire and design are affected by a wide range of factors, including the user's culture, level of religious observance, age, social standing, geography, and even the weather!

Abaya, modest dresses, and headscarf, known as a hijab in Arabic, are all acceptable examples of Islamic apparel for women. When a demure garment protects the body in accordance with Islamic clothing principles and chastity norms, it qualifies as Islamic clothing for women and can be almost any style. Islamic jewellery, such as a necklace, bracelet, or ring, can be the ideal last touch for your outfit.

Best Online Destination of Modest Islamic Clothing for Women & Men

Islamic Clothing Most Popular Styles

Here, we present the most prominent ethnic clothing for women available today. These typical Muslim clothing items are worn both formally and casually. Let's explore different apparels offered by HAWAA Clothing UK. Abaya, hijab, thobe, jewellery, and other modest Islamic apparel may be purchased online at one location.

Discover HAWAA Clothing UK's Vast Selection of Modern Islamic Clothing. Islamic dress comes in a broad range of styles to highlight each Muslim's unique personality. You may choose anything with simplicity because we have all the things displayed in one location. We offer whatever you may possibly need to finish your outfit, head to toe. The clothing categories we provide to dazzle you and your dear ones are mentioned below. We're confident that learning about the nuances of Islamic attire will prompt you to quickly alter your look!


Islam places a great deal of significance on the thobe, which has long been a part of the culture. To preserve the religious community's prestige and set their community apart from other groups, both men and women dress in various clothing styles. To stay up with the newest fashions in the market, we provide a wide selection of tunics for ladies and thobes for men in attractive patterns.

White Premium Omani Thobe


It is a common veil worn by several Muslim women, much as headscarves. The hijab conceals the neck and head. Hijab is among the most sought-after clothing and is recognized in both the Arab world and the West.

Premium Emerald Chiffon Hijab


The flowy garment with widespread popularity is the abaya, which is popular in regions throughout the world. The modern abaya, which may be donned on special occasions, comes in a variety of colours and is embellished with motifs and embroidered decorations.

There is no need to stress or saunter around your neighbourhood market if you are fascinated about Arabic apparel. A collection of Arabic clothing developed by renowned designers is offered by HAWAA Clothing UK. With a unique and artistic touch, our garments capture the Arabic fashion sense. Visit our online assortment of Arabic clothes for a wide selection of lovely and stunning outfits for every purpose.

Grey Crepe Wide Sleeve Abaya

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