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Stunningly Elegant and Modest Abayas for All Women

Whether it’s a work fit, a shop run, a wedding or a brunch date with the gals, chic, contemporary, and modest abayas are the mostpractical dress you can wear. Slip on one of our abayas from our range of different styles such as Closed Abaya, Butterfly Abaya, Wide Sleeve Abaya, Open Abaya, Classic Abaya, Cuffed Sleeve Abaya,White and Black Abaya, etc.

Our classic closed white and black abayas are the perfect choice for everyday wear. These abaya clothing designs for ladies, come with pockets on theside, making them practical as well as stylish. The classic closed abayas is the most versatile style Islamic attire item as you can pair it with a jacket or an open abaya of your choice for a totally different look.

The butterfly collection from our Abaya clothing, is one of our most popular. These abayas attires make for the most effortless chiclook. They make for the perfect abayas across all seasons. Their loose fit makes it the most perfect, airy and light dress to wear in summer. Due to its width, you can layer up all nice and cosyunderneath during the colder seasons. You can also find our breast feeding friendly abayas within this range so, visit clothing store to buy abaya online at best price.

If you are looking for abaya online, shop from our vast ranges of open & closed abaya as we have something for everyone. From styles to endless choices of colours, abaya in black, lilac, brown, grey, etc. paired with a matching hijab, we make them the perfect abaya outfits to buy.

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