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Winter Abaya

Winter Abaya

Essential Islamic Clothing for Prayers and Religious Events

It’s all in the name

Looking to buy Islamic clothing for women online, our wardrobe must-haves are the ultimate staple pieces that you need as part of your essential Islamic clothing collection. The Essential range is timeless and is ideal for everyday wear. They are basic essential Islamic apparel pieces that can beworn in an infinite way of styles; be it by itself or paired with another open abaya. Made from a highquality jersey material, the Essential range of prayer abayas and jersey abayas, ensures maximum comfort and enough give for everydayuse. The essential abaya makes for the perfect daily wear abaya. It is also versatile as it can be usedas a slip, paired with an open abaya, for a totally different, refreshed look. Using one abaya from theessential Islamic clothing for prayers and religious events range, you are able to make endless different outfits, depending on how you choose to style it.

Choose Islamic clothing at suitable prices from a variety of shipping options, such as 2nd or 1st class delivery or even next day delivery, to ensure that your parcel will arrive whenever you need it.

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