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Article: Jilbab and Hijab - Understanding the Differences and Similarities

Jilbab and Hijab - Understanding the Differences and Similarities

Jilbab is an outer garment that is worn by many women in Islamic countries. It is similar to a coat or a hoodie.

The Quran instructs women to wear a jilbab while outdoors or in public places where all kinds of people may be around. It protects them from being harassed or robbed.

The Meaning of Jilbab

Jilbab is an Arabic term used to describe a loose outer cloth worn by both men and women. It can take many shapes but is normally closed at the front.

Jilbab is an important part for Islamic identity. Also, it is compulsory dress for Muslim women. Jilbab has a variety of different styles and sizes which can be wear in home as well as for work.

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The Meaning of the Hijab

The term hijab comes from an Arabic word that means “veil” or “barrier”. It is commonly used to describe Muslim headscarves.

The Qur’an says that Muslim women must cover their heads and the rest of their bodies except for the face and hands.

This is why a woman who covers her hair is seen as a symbol of her faith, and it’s also what allows men and women to communicate with each other correctly. It also eliminates lustful thoughts and teaches women to be obedient to God.

The Differences between Jilbab and Hijab

There are many ways an Islamic woman can cover their bodies. A hijab is a scarf which covers hair and neck. There are many styles, colors & materials which are available in hijab.

A loose-fitted cloth which covers the entire body from head to toe is called jilbab, excluding the face and hands. It is an outer garment that is worn over regular clothing and often comes with a head covering. Jilbabs are usually made of thick and flowing fabric and can be adorned with embroidery or other decorative elements.

Hijab is worn primarily as a means of fulfilling the religious requirement of modesty, the jilbab serves a broader purpose. It is worn as a symbol of religious and political identity.

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The Similarities between Jilbab and Hijab

The jilbab and hijab are both garments that conceal a woman’s body. The jilbab is a long, loose-fitting coat or similar garment that covers a woman’s entire body, leaving her face and head free.

The hijab is a headscarf that covers a woman’s hair and neck. The hijab is a clothing choice that a Muslim woman makes because of her understanding of Islam. She may also feel it is a way to express her cultural identity.

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