Welcome to our page where we’ve answered some frequently asked questions. Hopefully we’ve covered your inquiry below, but if we haven't, be sure to drop us an email at info@hawaaclothing.com where we would be more than happy to help.

How do I Make Purchases on Your Website?

Simply, choose from a category that you wish to purchase from from our menu along the top of our site, or feel free to search for specific items, such as ‘hijab’ or ‘mens thobe’ etc. Once you've clicked on an item you'd like to purchase, select your size and press ‘buy it now’. All that is left is for you to pop in your details, such as your name, address and payment details to securely check out. Once this is done, our team will get started on packaging your order and will keep you regularly updated via email.

Why Should I Buy Islamic Clothing Online?

Have the freedom of shopping for anything you'd like in the comfort of your own home. You can explore different styles and colours all at your fingertips. Buy for yourself or a loved one and have it delivered straight to your/their door.

Why Should I Make a Purchase from HAWAA Clothing UK?

Online purchases can always be daunting, that's why it's important that you ensure you are only purchasing from protected and trustworthy sites. Hawaa Clothing UK is that online website that allows for stress-free shopping. With our online chat on the website, we have team members always available to help guide you through your purchase. We also value all orders, so we ensure that we keep you updated every step of the way.

How Can I Choose the Right Size to Order?

The sizing charts on the product pages allow you to choose the appropriate size depending on your height and measurements. Traditionally, your height correlates to your abaya length, for example, a person that is 5ft4 would purchase an abaya size 54.

If you require more sizing assistance, please email us at info@hawaaclothing.com so that a member of our staff may verify your measurements and provide you with the best fitting guidance.

How Can I Return or Exchange a Product?

Except in cases of product damage, we do not provide refunds; instead, we only accept exchanges for purchases that have already been paid for. From the date of shipment, our policy is in effect for 14 days.

Email info@hawaaclothing.com with your return or exchange request within the specified time limit. You may read more about our Refunds And Returns Policy to see if the purchase qualifies for an exchange or a refund.

I Received the Incorrect Product. How Should I Proceed?

We take care in hand packaging all orders with great attentiveness and care, however due to human error and the large amount of packages we receive daily, sometimes these mistakes can happen. If you have found that you have received the incorrect item, please email info@hawaaclothing.com with your online purchase receipt and a photograph of the product you received, and we will proceed to sort out the problem as soon as we can.

What If the Colour of My Product Differs from the Website Image I Saw Before Placing My Order?

We make every effort to ensure that the colour depicted on the internet most closely matches the colour of the original product. The colour quality may change on computers, phones, and displays due to variable pixel and display resolutions. Contact us via email at info@hawaaclothing.com if you need any more assistance, and we can provide you with additional pictures in different lightings and will guide you with placing your purchase.

Do you Provide International Shipping?

Yes, we ship worldwide! We offer international shipping for all countries worldwide.

How Long Will It Take for My Order to Arrive?

We provide a variety of shipping services with a 3- to 7-day delivery guarantee to the UK, Europe, and North America. We also provide quick shipping in the UK within one to two days. Please check at checkout for the other countries around the world. Depending on the delivery option you select, different shipping fees apply.