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Article: Open Abaya

Open Abaya

The open abayas were once an understated item of clothing that has undergone a trendy overhaul. If you've been on the hunt for a stylish way to revamp your old closed abayas, pairing them with an open abaya is the perfect way to do so. All of our open abayas come paired with a belt and buttons, giving you countless options on how to style them to fit you and the look you are going for. Whether it's a casual closed, belted and paired with trainers look, or an open, with heels and a cute bag, a fancy kind of look, the way in which you can style our opened abayas are never ending. In a nutshell, you get multiple different outfits and looks in one!

You can wear your Open Abaya with a range of outfits, from casual to formal. Its laid-back style isn't the only advantage to this trend. You can also pair it with loose, long pants for a more conservative look. Wearing this style demonstrates your confidence, which is essential to giving off an empowered vibe.

Crinkle Navy Open Abaya

Style of Open Abaya

The Style of Open Abaya is a modern interpretation of the traditional Abaya. Over the past couple of years, the open abaya has become increasingly popular. Abaya wearers are gravitating more towards picking up an open abaya, paired with a slip, for that perfectly curated semi-formal look. It is the modest version of the current ‘clean-girl’ look that is currently circulating around and trending at the moment in the mainstream world.

The open abayas are typically worn over long dresses, be it slips or classic closed abayas and are available in several styles including; robe-style, overcoat, and as an Abaya jacket.

One of our current, most loved pieces is our Crinkle Maria Abaya. It makes use of modest and on trend, neutral colours for a universally loved abaya. The fabric that has been used to make this abaya is the perfect blend to ensure maximum comfort, durability and style. It is practical and soft on the skin, making it the most comfortable abaya ever! We are not surprised that it is one of the most loved.

Marigold Cuffed Open Abaya

We believe that open abayas, and abayas in general, are not limited to exclusively mustim women, but can be adorned by all women worldwide who wish to add a touch of elegance to their looks. This is why we have done our best to have an array of colours for our customers to choose from so that there is something for absolutely everyone’s preference.

The Open Abaya makes for one of the most versatile abayas as there are countless ways in which you can style and wear the open abaya. Depending on how you choose to personalise it and style it, you can curate both formal and casual looks out of one abaya in order to get the absolute most out of your purchase. This inevitably paves the way for a sustainable, long lasting, capsule wardrobe.

Whether you choose to wear your open abaya as a closed style, with or without the belt, or simply just allow it to fall openly; this style of abaya allows for your full personality to shine through. Make it your own, by adding your own little twist to it with how you choose to personalise and style your open abaya.

The Best Colour for an Open Abaya

I find that the modest world is now embracing different colours as opposed to restricting to black.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Wear white from amongst your clothes, for indeed they are amongst the best clothes you have, and shroud your dead in them (also).” [Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah and Tirmidhi with variation in wording]

In light of this, white has become a colour that we, as a whole, gravitate towards. It is a colour that symbolises purity and is one that should be embraced. Neutral colours are definitely taking the limelight at the moment. They are classic, timeless and suitable for all.

For an occasion, like a wedding, I tend to pick up a light coloured open abaya, usually a nude/beige or a muted mint, and I like to pair it with a white inner slip, and a matching white chiffon hijab. Tied together with a pair of white or silver heels with a matching bag is my fool-proof wedding guest outfit.

Blush Pink Open Abaya

Style Suggestions for Open Abaya

The Open Abaya is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn to any occasion. It is extremely comfortable to wear and low maintenance. However, if you want to add a bit of flair to your look, there are several styles that you can choose from. Here are a few ideas for styling an Open Abaya.

Whilst we know that we can pair an open abaya with a slip or a classic closed abaya underneath, try pairing it with a skirt or some wide leg trousers for a unique, on trend look, without compromising your modesty.

I suggest the following outfit for you to try: Try a Layla Black and White Open butterfly abaya, pair it with a white blouse tucked into some wide leg trousers, a small hand held white handbag (or a clutch will do the job), and a pair of flat white sandals = chefs kiss! This is a fool-proof, interchangeable outfit that can be adjusted to fit a formal and even a casual setting.

Butterfly Mint Abaya

Versatility of Open Abayas

Open Abayas come in a variety of fabrics, from cotton and linen for the summer months to thicker fabrics for the Winter. They can be worn with formal outfits or as comfortable casual wear. They also come in a range of different designs, including embellished ones for formal occasions or casual ones. Black, however, is an essential colour for open Abayas and goes well with any colour.

The versatility of open abayas can be further enhanced by opting to go for neutral colours. These are easy to match and blend with any other colour for hijab options, and can be worn in various occasions: from business meetings to casual get-togethers. In addition, these classic neutral colours never go out of style.

Besides being versatile, open abayas are also a popular choice for ladies-only events. You can wear them over your regular clothing as a cover up, and then unbutton them when you’re with the gals. These pieces come in many different styles and colours, and you can choose from the wide range available to find the one that best suits your style.

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