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Article: The Ultimate Online Portal for Affordable, On-Trend Modest wear

The Ultimate Online Portal for Affordable, On-Trend Modest wear

One thing we can all relate to is how stressful, frustrating and utterly unnecessarily difficult it is to find modestwear that doesn’t have a hidden slit or a surprise sheer back. Not to mention, having to sell an arm and a leg to just keep up with trends, without compromising your modesty. There is only so much you can do to salvage that gorgeous sleeveless satin midi. If only us gals and guys could catch a break and have one breakthrough life saving PLAT(!!!

So, I have taken it upon myself to put you on to the only online site that you will ever need. Hawaa Clothing UK is that breakthrough platform where you can find stylish, tasteful, on trend AND modest clothing that doesn’t break the bank. It is a platform for all, where there is something for everyone.

Best Online Destination of Modest Islamic Clothing for Women & Men

We don’t just stop at abayas, come on now, have a little more faith in us! We have hijabs, thobes, undercaps, jewellery and so much more is always being added. We believe modest wear should be inclusive for all, so that’s why we have introduced a plus size range and a breastfeeding friendly range. We take on board all feedback and hear what you guys are missing out on in the modest wear world, and we try our best to fill in those gaps for you so that no one is left out. Through this, we’re constantly expanding our ranges with new ideas from ourselves and the customers and to create a brand where there is something for everyone, whilst also providing worldwide shipping so that it is accessible to all.

White Premium Omani Thobe

Let me set a little scene for you: Close your eyes and picture this…(alright, you can keep one eye open to read this)... You've just arrived at your private villa in gorgeous Greece. The sun hugs you like a warm bubble bath. You get ready to go down to your pool where the waiters are eager to take your order for that ice cold mocktail with the ombre orange and red colours. The pool is clear and to your left you’ve got a bubbling jacuzzi. After such a long journey you cannot wait to get in and relax. You dip your toes in and the water is just a perfect warm. Just as you're about to jump in… you can’t; because you’ve got your tarnish prone, 0k gold plated, cost-an-arm-and-a-leg, not-even-worth-it, crumbles-in-a-bit-of-water jewellery on.

What’s the point if you can’t wear your jewellery in the pool on a sunny holiday, or if you've got to take it off, only for it to be forgotten during wudhu. We resolved this issue for you by providing only the best quality tarnish free, 18k gold plated jewellery. We believe in our products so much that we've put a lifetime guarantee on all Gold plated jewellery. Yep, you read that right, a lifetime guarantee.

Premium Emerald Chiffon Hijab

We are such strong believers in modesty being affordable and sustainable - we’re a bit anti-fast fashion to be honest. So we put love, care and effort into bringing you the highest quality pieces, that are timeless whilst being at the lowest price that we can keep for you.

So how do we stay on trend whilst still remaining a ‘modest wear’ brand? We first have to look into the origins of hijab and modesty. Modesty was actually around way before Islam came around. It was a form of protection, privacy and empowerment. That’s why we strongly believe that modesty is not just reserved for muslims only, and that it can be embraced by anyone that wishes to take that empowering step in life. Reclaiming your power, your body and creating boundaries. Whatever your reason is for taking that step into your new way of life, or even just trying out a look, we embrace it with both arms.

Grey Crepe Wide Sleeve Abaya

We recognise that embracing a modest lifestyle is not something that comes easy for everyone. It’s not easy to go from 0 to 100 overnight, so we’ve put effort into creating pieces that are on trend and look cute, without compromising your modesty, to help ease this step in life. We’ve got a rainbow of colours and styles so that no one feels left out. From straight cut abayas to butterfly abayas to omani thobes, jilbabs and crinkle 3 piece sets; aqua blue to luscious maroon, to girly lilac and regal emerald, this site is all you will ever need.

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