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Article: Modest Hijab Styles for Every Occasion

Modest Hijab Styles for Every Occasion

Despite a long history of controversy, the hijab is gaining a new lease in a modest fashion. Modest designers across the world are taking an ultra-stylish approach to this historic Muslim head covering, creating invigoratingly new and respectful style ideas for Muslim women around the globe.

To help you embrace a modest style, we’ve put together 10 of our favourite hijab styles for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for a classic winter look, a casual-cool outfit or something more formal, there’s a style for you!

1. Tucked-In Hijab

The tucked-in hijab is an easy and comfortable style that can be worn with any outfit. It also saves time and effort.

This is perfect for busy women who have a lot on their plate, but still want to look professional.

To get the tucked-in look, fold your scarf in half lengthwise and place it over your head. Then, bring both strands to the nape of your neck and tie a knot.

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2. Wrap-Around Hijab

A wrap-around hijab is a classic style that works for all face shapes. It is very easy to wear and looks very elegant.

The wrap-around hijab is also popular because it doesn’t require pins, so you can wear this style anywhere – whether you’re running errands or just going out for a casual day.

3. Wrap-Around Scarf

A chic wrap-around style can add a sense of elegance to your outfit. It's also comfortable and easy to wear on hot days.

Drape one end of your scarf around your head and wrap both ends once around your neck to create this floaty hijab look. You can choose a patterned scarf that complements the color of your top for a more eye-catching look.

4. Wrap-Around Neck Scarf

The wrap-around neck scarf is a versatile modest hijab style that can be easily worn with a variety of different outfits. They are great for layering up in winter and look chic with a simple t-shirt or long dress.

To make the wrap-around neck scarf work for you, choose a hijab that is longer than your arms. Then, wrap it once around your head, allowing the rest to hang loose on one side.

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5. Wrap-Around Head Scarf

Whether it's a turban-style hijab or a chic monochrome scarf, this summer-ready accessory is the perfect partner for your denim jackets and sneakers. It also works well with printed dresses, so you can get creative with your look.

The wrap-around head scarf is one of our favourite summer-ready hijab styles and it's simple to style. Just drape the longer side around your head, tying the shorter end to the top of the scarf.

6. One-Shoulder Hijab

The One-Shoulder Hijab is a super easy, no-fuss style that looks great on most face shapes. It works with both formal and casual outfits, depending on how you style it.

This sexy style is simple enough to wear with just a crew-neck shirt or dress, and requires just one pin! It is also a good choice for people with glasses, as it won’t obstruct their eyesight.

7. Criss-Cross Hijab

Underscarves are a great way to add a little extra coverage to a hijab without adding too much bulk. They come in many styles and are available in plain or beaded designs, so it’s always nice to have some options when choosing one!

The Criss-Cross Tube Hijab is an under a scarf that features two criss-cross layers, made from comfortable stretchy jersey fabric. It also features elastic bunching in the back to hold your hair up comfortably and make it less likely to fall out!

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