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Article: The Rise of Modest Hijab Fashion - A Look at Its History and Impact

The Rise of Modest Hijab Fashion - A Look at Its History and Impact

The rise of modest hijab fashion has sparked a global trend and is proving to be a lucrative industry. According to the DinarStandard State of Global Islamic Economy Report 2022, Muslims spend an estimated $266bn on apparel each year – a number that is expected to grow.

While it was once difficult to find modest clothing that was non-transparent or able to cover appropriately. The rise of the modest fashion industry is a win-win for Muslim women and for the fashion world at large.

The Origins of Modest Hijab Fashion

Modest clothing has always been popular and had a significant role in several cultures and eras throughout history. Today, modest fashion apparel is more popular than ever.

The origins of modest fashion date back to the eighth century, when shawls and veils were worn by both men and women in the Islamic world. It is also popular among many other religions, including Christianity and Judaism.

Today, modest clothing is a popular trend among women and has become increasingly important for people of all backgrounds. It is especially popular among those who prefer to wear less revealing clothing for religious, spiritual, or personal reasons.

Modest Hijab Clothing

The Impact of Modest Hijab Fashion

The rise of modest fashion has impacted the world in many ways. It has given a voice to an emerging demographic of Muslim women who have become arbiters of style in their communities and has influenced mainstream fashion narratives around the world.

This has prompted major fashion brands to make efforts to design and market more inclusive collections. These brands have realised that they can earn a lot of money by targeting this growing audience and that there is potential to grow their businesses by offering high-quality modest clothing products.

In recent years, modest fashion has pushed boundaries with designs that are bold and eclectic, while still meeting the sartorial needs of consumers. It has also sparked the emergence of modest fashion influencers, who have helped to spread awareness of this movement and have also become role models for Muslim women around the globe.

The Future of Modest Hijab Fashion

Modest Hijab Fashion has risen in popularity, and a number of mainstream fashion brands are now embracing modesty as part of their collections. However, progress has been slower than expected.

The Islamic world’s obsession with modest clothing has also influenced the fashion industry, as seen in the rise of e-commerce and influencers. Retailers are offering more choices, ranging from abayas, khimars and jilbabs in varying lengths and fabrics.

In addition to the new ranges offered by retailers, Muslim women are also finding it easier to stay fashionable and modest at the same time with a few simple styling tips. For instance, pairing a patterned abaya with a solid-colored hijab can add a unique touch to an otherwise neutral outfit.

Hijab Clothing


Modest Hijab Fashion has become a big trend in the global fashion industry. This is due to its increasing popularity among Muslim women, as well as the growing number of influencers who share modest personal styles on social media platforms.

It is important to understand how this trend started, and the impact it has had on the industry. It started with pioneering designers who took the initiative to change negative stereotypes of Muslim women and their clothing.

By creating a line of clothing that was both modest and stylish, these designers changed the way Muslim women thought about wearing their hijab. This was a very exciting time for the modest fashion industry, and it has seen many success stories over the years.

This movement was not without its challenges though. Just a decade ago, it was hard to find anything that was both modest and stylish. However, this has all changed and it is now very difficult to ignore the modest fashion industry.

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