Collection: HAWAA

Lightweight & Easy-Care Abaya and Umrah - Idealistic and Luxuriously Draped

Our collection of Abaya and Umrah are lightweight, easy-care, and perfect for hotter climates. The handpicked range is a premium one and you can style them effortlessly as they non slip. Whether it is the Charcoal Pinstripe Closed Abaya or the Stone Wrap Abaya they give a quality sheen and can be adorned with embellishments. It never gets old or out of fashion whenever anyone wants to step out in elegance every time. It displays a perfect unity and combination of style and religiousness while showcasing total creativity. Expressing yourself with the wonderful collection of Abaya has never been so easy.

What characterizes the Abaya is that they are light, and soft and come with hues that give off a look making them eye catchy and the center of attention. Comfortable, graceful, and versatile you will find that it is so beautiful that you will need absolutely nothing to ramp up your look. And if you do choose you could accessorize it well with anything to add that element of grandeur. Hawaa Clothing curates the finest of products in the finest of materials that channel your inner beauty and its power. It is a revolution in the making and will continue to inspire generations to embrace their beauty and individuality. The Nude Pinstripe Closed Abaya and the Black Hawaa Closed Abayaare breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly mesmerizing and just have the perfect panache and length to elevate their style quotient. The mélange of complementary colors that comes also provides superior comfort. The wrap just has a laid-out style and looks effortlessly draped and amazing for anyone who values style with comfort.

Shop from the latest releases and hear it straight from your heart and that would just be the right testimonial. Feel special in a piece that is crafted with love for those extraordinary days!

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