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Article: Abayas - A Symbol of Modesty & Empowerment for Muslim Women

Abayas - A Symbol of Modesty & Empowerment for Muslim Women

Abayas are an important part of a Muslim woman’s wardrobe. Abayas are made of light fabrics and come in many designs. They can be worn during both day and night time.

Abayas as a Symbol of Empowerment

Abayas are a long, black gown that is worn over street clothes when a woman leaves her home and is designed to be free and flowing, hiding the body’s “curves.”

These modest garments can also be accessorized with hair scarves or net shararas. These accessories have helped many Muslim women to embrace the abaya dress as a fashion statement and to feel more confident in their appearance.

The abaya-as-fashion movement has shown remarkable growth both in the Eastern and Western worlds. It is evident in the increasing popularity of designer abayas by brands such as DAS collections, which market their abayas to be paired with western designer handbags, shoes and watches.

The abaya-as-fashion culture is a great example of how fashion can be a symbol of power for the wearer. With so many abayas available in different styles, colors and embellishments, it is a sign of the growing diversity of the global Islamic community.

Layla Black and Brown Closed Abaya

Abayas as a Fashion Statement

Abayas have become a popular fashion statement for Muslim women worldwide. You should consider the occasion for dressing and how formally you want to dress.

Another thing to look for is the neckline. A neckline that is too heavy can make the abaya look unflattering.

Embroidered necklines are another popular choice for abayas. These can be thread embroidery or pearls and sequins. A heavier neckline may be difficult to manage for long periods of time.

Abayas as a Cultural Statement

The Abaya is a body-covering garment that is traditionally worn by Muslim women. It is meant to protect the modesty of the wearer and preserve her beauty.

Modern Abaya designers in the Middle East have reworked the traditional abaya to incorporate modern designs and colors. They have created a new style of abaya that expresses a cosmopolitan identity for Muslims in the Gulf states.

In the past, abayas were only available in black and were only worn by women in the higher social echelons of society. Today, they can be adorned with patches of fluorescent color, floral patterns, animal prints and embroidery.

The evolution of the abaya in these countries reflects the conflicting pressures that women face between embracing western values and maintaining their cultural traditions. Young women reconcile these two competing pressures by injecting Western symbols such as designer names and fashion trends into traditional garments in order to rejuvenate them, and bestow modernity on them.

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Abayas as a Statement of Faith

An abaya is a long, dark-colored cloak, usually floor length that covers a woman's body. These abayas are available in many colors and designs that are appropriate for every occasion.

Some of these abayas also come with metal embellishments and sequin work. However, it is important to check the care label before washing any abaya.

Recently, a senior religious figure from Saudi Arabia made a statement that suggests women should no longer be forced to wear this cloak.

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