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Modest Dresses & Clothing

Discover the best of modest fashion with HAWAA. Whether you are looking for acquired pieces to delve deeper into your faith or to simply expand your wardrobe, we have modest dresses for all. Check out our best-selling modest Ramadan abayas, or dress your partner in our best-selling men’s thobes

Our modest clothing for women does not compromise on style. Creating the perfect balance between modesty, comfort and style, we are constantly releasing new modest dresses to make sure our girls are always on top of the latest trends. Complete your modest clothing look with HAWAA, and see our range of modal and jersey hijabs for the most beautiful finish to your modest dress.

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Spanish Sleeve AbayaSpanish Sleeve Abaya
Spanish Sleeve Abaya Sale price€54,95
Spanish Co-ord SetSpanish Co-ord Set
Spanish Co-ord Set Sale price€54,95
Ayah Closed AbayaAyah Closed Abaya
Ayah Closed Abaya Sale price€60,95
Ribbed Summer DressRibbed Summer Dress
Ribbed Summer Dress Sale price€42,95
Lina Open AbayaLina Open Abaya
Lina Open Abaya Sale price€42,95
QAMAR Luxe Wrap AbayaQAMAR Luxe Wrap Abaya
QAMAR Luxe Wrap Abaya Sale price€78,95
QAMAR Luxe Butterfly AbayaQAMAR Luxe Butterfly Abaya
QAMAR Luxe Butterfly Abaya Sale price€72,95
Noor Embroidered Open AbayaNoor Embroidered Open Abaya
Noor Embroidered Open Abaya Sale price€78,95
Allure AbayaAllure Abaya
Allure Abaya Sale price€60,95
Printed Summer Abaya DressPrinted Summer Abaya Dress
Printed Summer Abaya Dress Sale price€42,95
QAMAR Luxe Open AbayaQAMAR Luxe Open Abaya
QAMAR Luxe Open Abaya Sale price€66,95
Butterfly Abaya - HAWAA ClothingButterfly Abaya - HAWAA Clothing
Butterfly Abaya Sale price€42,95
Jade Luxé Abaya - HAWAA Clothing UKLuxé Wrap Abaya - HAWAA Clothing
Satin Luxe Wrap Abaya Sale price€48,95
Premium Bahraini ThobePremium Bahraini Thobe
Premium Bahraini Thobe Sale price€48,95
Premium Rayan Embroidered ThobePremium Rayan Embroidered Thobe
HAWAA Closed Abaya - HAWAA ClothingHAWAA Closed Abaya - HAWAA Clothing
HAWAA Closed Abaya Sale price€42,95
Knitted AbayaKnitted Abaya
Knitted Abaya Sale price€38,95
Black Jilbab - HAWAA Clothing UKJilbab - HAWAA Clothing
Jilbab Sale price€42,95
Prayer Abaya - HAWAA ClothingMocha Prayer Abaya - HAWAA Clothing UK
Prayer Abaya Sale price€42,95
Premium Jersey HijabPremium Jersey Hijab
Premium Jersey Hijab Sale price€9,95
Modal HijabModal Hijab
Modal Hijab Sale price€10,95
Classic Closed Abaya - HAWAA Clothing UKClassic Black Closed Abaya - HAWAA Clothing UK
Classic Closed Abaya Sale price€30,95
Crinkle Wrap AbayaCrinkle Wrap Abaya
Crinkle Wrap Abaya Sale price€44,95
Half Sleeve Slip Dress - HAWAA ClothingHalf Sleeve Slip Dress - HAWAA Clothing
Half Sleeve Slip Dress Sale price€24,95
Maryam Closed Abaya with DetailingMaryam Closed Abaya with Detailing
Zahraa Co-ord SetZahraa Co-ord Set
Zahraa Co-ord Set Sale price€54,95