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Featured Abayas

Stylishly Modest Collections of Featured Abayas

Find a whole range of our handpicked items like Open Abaya, Closed Abayas, Jilbabs with Niqab, wide-sleeve abaya, etc. that we adore and know that you will absolutely love aswell. Shop below from modest collections of featured abayas, some of our favourite pieces that you may have also seen displayed on oursocial media or on our campaigns. Here you can browse the most latest and on trend sophisticated and modest abayas items in themodest fashion world.

These modest clothes are our handpicked, featured items that we think you will absolutely adore as much as we do.Below are our most favoured and wanted pieces of Abaya dresses that are flattering on everyone. They all share acommon ground of being practical and stylish.

Be spoiled for choice as you look through the upcoming styles and current popular colours. These areour most wanted and universal pieces that are fitting for everyone. They all share a common groundof being practical and stylish.

These are our handpicked, featured items that we think you will absolutely adore as much as we do so, visit us and buy the best Abaya online.

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Spanish Sleeve AbayaSpanish Sleeve Abaya
Spanish Sleeve Abaya Sale price€47,95
Mina Closed AbayaMina Closed Abaya
Mina Closed Abaya Sale price€47,95
Lina Open AbayaLina Open Abaya
Lina Open Abaya Sale price€35,95
Tree Cotton Open AbayaTree Cotton Open Abaya
Tree Cotton Open Abaya Sale price€35,95
Mina Wrap AbayaMina Wrap Abaya
Mina Wrap Abaya Sale price€47,95
Maria Wrap Abaya + Hijab - HAWAA Clothing UKMaria Wrap Abaya + Hijab - HAWAA Clothing UK
Maria Wrap Abaya + Hijab Sale price€47,95
Classic Black Closed Abaya - HAWAA Clothing UKClassic Closed Abaya - HAWAA Clothing UK
Classic Closed Abaya Sale price€29,95
Butterfly Abaya - HAWAA Clothing UKButterfly Abaya - HAWAA Clothing UK
Butterfly Abaya Sale price€41,95
Crepe Butterfly AbayaCrepe Butterfly Abaya
Crepe Butterfly Abaya Sale price€41,95
Sumaya AbayaSumaya Abaya
Sumaya Abaya Sale price€47,95
Premium Rayan ThobePremium Rayan Thobe
Premium Rayan Thobe Sale priceFrom €35,95
Premium Black Jersey Hijab - HAWAA Clothing UKPremium Jersey Hijab - HAWAA Clothing UK
Premium Jersey Hijab Sale priceFrom €7,95
Hooded Moroccan ThobeHooded Moroccan Thobe
Hooded Moroccan Thobe Sale price€35,95
Oat HAWAA Closed Abaya - HAWAA Clothing UKOat HAWAA Closed Abaya - HAWAA Clothing UK
HAWAA Closed Abaya Sale price€44,95
QAMAR Wrap AbayaQAMAR Wrap Abaya
QAMAR Wrap Abaya Sale price€70,95