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Article: The Evolution of Abayas: From Islamic Identity to Fashion Statement

The Evolution of Abayas: From Islamic Identity to Fashion Statement

In the Gulf states, abayas are a symbol of Islamic identity. They are a robe that symbolizes the traditional, conservative dress code of Muslim women.

In Western countries, however, the open abaya has become a fashion staple, no longer just worn by Muslim women. It is a stylish way for women to keep their dress appropriate to their culture while still being trendy and modern.

The Changing Trend of Abayas in the UAE

For centuries, strict rules have been governing what women wear. Even in the most liberal Western countries, straying from the prescribed dress code can lead to a fine or a jail sentence.


Crepe Cinnamon Open Abaya

But the United Arab Emirates is quite different, and as a result, their women often take a more personalised approach to fashion.

Rather than the traditional black loose-fitting abaya, she often chooses to opt for a sheer style of abaya that is embellished with crystals and tailored to her individuality. This is a trend that is also reflected in the clothing choices of other women in the UAE. It shows how women are embracing the influence of western culture and style whilst retaining their religious devoutness.

Dressing up Your Open Abaya with Personalized Style

Whether you’re looking for an outfit that’s easy on the eyes, or one that projects a more confident vibe, dressing your open abaya up can be a great way to show off your style. Pair your open abaya with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual look, or dress it up for business by pairing it with long pants.

Designers in the Middle East have been working hard to rebrand the traditional abaya as fashion. They are creating abayas that are more personalized, with sheer fabric and tight fitting designs that can be embellished with crystals.


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