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Jilbabs & Prayer Abayas

At the height of a modest wardrobe comes the Jilbab. At HAWAA, we see jilbabs and prayer abayas at the height of empowerment and understand the importance of finding the right one to achieve maximum comfort.

All of our jilbabs come in Nidha material, offering the softest and most elegant touch. Forget choosing between modesty and breathability, with HAWAA you can enjoy both. Our jilbabs come in 3 staple colours in a 3 piece style, and our prayer abaya also comes with a matching hijab for ultimate comfort.

Shop HAWAA’s jilbabs today, and be sure to check out our Hajj collection, a traditional style that guides you on your pilgrimage to the sacred city of Mecca.

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Prayer Abaya - HAWAA ClothingMocha Prayer Abaya - HAWAA Clothing UK
Prayer Abaya Sale price€42,95
Black Jilbab - HAWAA Clothing UKJilbab - HAWAA Clothing
Jilbab Sale price€42,95
Butterfly Abaya - HAWAA ClothingButterfly Abaya - HAWAA Clothing
Butterfly Abaya Sale price€42,95
Classic Closed Abaya - HAWAA Clothing UKClassic Black Closed Abaya - HAWAA Clothing UK
Classic Closed Abaya Sale price€30,95